Why Schwalger Performance

We are for the enjoyment of our athletes; girls, boys, women and men of all ages and backgrounds. Premium expert sprint running technique is for everyone and should e accessible, if you want to learn how to MOVE WITH SPEED, we are for you! We will always continue to innovate and evolve how we do things to set you challenges, test you mentally, make things fun, help you develop friend ships within our ‘speed’ community.

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What our clients say about us
We love Schwalger Performance. My son's been training with Onēata for just over 12 months and his results are amazing he's transformed into a lean young man from the chubby little fella that first started. Onēata is professional and her teachings go beyond Sprint. He's learnt to look after himself physically and mentally. Its family based and everyone who turns up is there to work. Highly recommend Schwalger Performance.

Tayne – Randwick

Both our sons have only been working with Schwalger Performance for 6 months. The improvements in both in their sprinting skills, speed, direction, and technique is phenomenal.  Schwalger Performance could make an elephant run on their toes, after getting our flat-footed son up on his toes. Our family highly recommends Onēata and her Team at Schwalger Performance, to anyone wishing to learn the correct techniques to excel in your chosen sport.

Maddix and Hayze – Blacktown

SP is a fantastic sprint training group for all ages. Professional and dedicated to bringing out the best in their athletes. There is a real family feel to SP, and they care for each of the kids.

Cooper – Randwick

We could not be more satisfied with our investment in Schwalger Performance. I am a retired training coordinator and instructor of 31 years standing. It took us 2 years to find the right speed coach necessary to add genuine speed to my son's rugby game. Onēata and her staff delivered in spades and the extra speed and improved running mechanics undoubtedly have been a big contributing factor to his further success. We look forward to a long association with Schwalger Performance.

Nate – Campbelltown

Onēata shows dedication and her passion for sprint through her coaching. My children have gained confidence and love coming to training. The atmosphere is great at Schwalger Performance I highly recommend 100 % her communication with the children is on point.

Preston and Jocelyn

My son has been attending SP since Feb and he just loves it. It has not only improved his sprinting but his confidence and mental attitude. Onēata's dedication and expertise makes this program well worth it!!

Kye – Randwick

Tremendous help for our 2 boys especially our eldest son Tyrone who did not think he had it in him from constantly tripping whilst running to hand–eye, posture coordination and forming physical strength. We never thought we would see Tyrone run with stamina and mental agility! We thank SP for your professional training, mentoring, and adjusting your teaching methods to the way our boys learn which reflects their motivation/confidence to strive for more 💚🖤❤

Tyrone and Daniel

We’ve had our daughter in Schwalger Performance since October 2020 and our son has recently started in June 2021 and we honestly could not recommend anyone else better. We have noticed such an improvement with our daughter Shellie, with her drive and technique in all sports that she plays. Being able to do private lessons that Schwalger also offer during lockdown, has really allowed Shellie and Vita to benefit from the one-on-one interaction from Onēata and Shane. Our younger son Vita was too shy to start at the same time our daughter Shellie started, but after seeing Shellie’s growth and progression, got our son Vita excited and he agreed to give it a go. He now loves it! Not only do they teach our kids the fundamentals of speed, but also integrity, consistency, hard work and most importantly honestly. Awesome service and role models always for our kids. Highly recommend.

Shellie and Tavita – Blacktown

We have been with Schwalger Performance for over a year, and it has been the best decision we have made for our kids. Sending them to sprint training has taught my kids to be resilient, discipline, respect, kindness, have a strong mindset, confidence etc. Onēata and Shane as sprint coaches offers so much more than just sprint training, they offer personal experience/guidance, an inclusiveness environment, community support, photography and so much more! Give them a go you won't regret it. Also, they have been very accommodating and flexible during this locked down time and still offering support during these uncertain times and checking in to ensure we are OK.

Roman, Tommy and Naomi

Honestly one of the best choices I’ve made putting my girls in this program. Since the day my girls started to this day I can honestly say the improvement is big. Not only can I see the improvement but so can their coaches. The girls are not just running better but they are running with technique and the mechanism. The coach Onēata is awesome I love how direct she is with the kids and the way she coaches them is awesome always correcting them on the spot on when they aren't using their techniques properly. I would highly recommend this program to people!! Awesome investment for my girls!!!

Tianna and Hannah-Lee

My family and I highly recommend Schwalger Performance. We have noticed a huge improvement in our children not only with their running techniques but in their speed and confidence as well. They look forward to every training session, best decision was to join the SP crew.

Analise and Isaiah

Professional coaching, great atmosphere, and lots of fun. Onēata, provides clear and precise feedback throughout every session. And within short time of attending, our boys have improved their running technique. They look forward to further improvements in both technique and speed to enhance their playing game.

Noah and Ethan

Since our family have been attending sessions at Schwalger Performance Ropes Crossing location we have seen amazing changes in both our sons’ running styles and speed... and in only a short amount of time. The no muck around, straight to the point training style of One helps the kids know where they stand and gives them clear direction on what to notice next. If you’re looking for someone to take your kids to the next level in any sport, One and Schwalger Performance are your best bet.

Max and Byron

Schwalger Performance has really helped my child this year with her rugby league but more importantly it has helped her develop a mental toughness which she now applies to her everyday life.


What I love so much about this CLUB is it’s not just a club.... ITS OHANA. THE SCHWALGER PERFORMANCE FAMILY. From day dot my kids have felt the love and support from the club athletes that are now lifetime FRIENDS and the stern straight forward “tough love” coaching from Onēata. My kid’s performance in their sporting activities have improved so much since joining and it’s being the best decision signing them up. My kids are not morning humans but the would be up at 4 on Saturdays just to go training and they love wearing their SP uniform with pride. Funny story was when they were told to get ready for family photos 2020 and they rocked up in their Schwalger Performance Uniform 😂😂👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💚❤️🖤. To anyone thinking of joining this awesome group of talent.... come down and let your kid have a try.... they will love it!!!!

Josh and April

A great holistic approach to the athletes always striving for them to reach their full potential highly recommended.

Uriyah and Teimana

My son Nate has started training with Schwalger Performance and in a short time we have already noticed improvement. It is such a great structure and environment where all the kids personally grow and set targets for themselves also making new friendships along the way. Nate loves his weekly training. Thank you to Coach Onēata and Shane.


Thank you Schwalger Performance for the wholistic approach in your training. Reki absolutely loves her weekly training with you, as she learns and absorbs so much from your sessions. Mentally and physically you've been a great asset to our children during this  Covid lockdown. Would totally recommend SP without any doub


Best in the Business!! Carlos and Andrés have improved so much! Schwalger Performance has changed the boys sprinting techniques. I have noticed the difference. The boys love training. Thank you Onè and Shane For all your time

Carlos and Andres

Both my kids girl now 11 and boy now 8 have been attending Schwalger Performance for nearly a year. Within this year my kids have developed both physically and mentally. Not only recommend SP for the development skills but the mentorship they provide to all the kids who attend. I really adore the bond both coach Onē and Shane have .. not only with my kids but everyone who attend. Keep up the great work SP.

Zarah and Kyden

My twins love the training. It is always different and personalised. My twins have gone from strength to strength this last season of training. I look forward to seeing their Athletics results after a proper pre season. Thanks to the team at Schwalger performance, the commitment you guys put in can not be matched. I highly recommend this training to anyone looking.

Zahra and Jayden

Amazing technique and skill taught by trainers. Very supportive and push for growth and improvement. My daughter loves the training and looks forward to improving over the next few month mentally and physically.


One is amazing my son has only participated in a few sessions and he has so much more confidence already!! One not only shows the kids what to do but will explain why and gives them a background to understand. Also her being very structured with the kids is amazing!!


Very intelligent and supportive! Love her work with the kids she’s amazing.

Dwayne and Anastasia

Amazing program for all ages. My son has learnt so much. Thank you to Onēata for being an amazing role model to all the kids. Your commitment and dedication to everyone is inspiring.. Highly recommend


Our daughter Jamaica 1st came to Schwalger Performance back in December of 2020, since then she has improved so much both physically and mentally as an athlete. We absolutely recommend Schwalger Performance, the coaching and mentoring is 1st class but its the support that we love the most, SP crew is seriously the best!!!!


Schwalger Performance gave both my sons the knowledge and skills acquired to excel their running to another level. One of my sons hates running but when Onēata relates it to his sports he switches on. My other son is short and has the edge over his team mates that are taller than him thanks to Schwalger Performance sessions. When you have 2 children in the sessions it is sibling War LOL on a positive note each sessions gives them the confidence about believing in themselves and will only get better in time. Thanks Onēata

Sam and Leon

my daughter loves training with Onēata and I love her approach and directness when dealing with the children would definitely recommend it to any one who's child is looking for a competitive edge


Schwalger Performance has been awesome for my Son Kai. His confidence, his technique, and his speed has developed so much with the time he has spent with Onēata at Maroubra. Can’t wait to see what achievements 2021 brings.

Kye Wynard

The structure,  discipline  and the friendly competitiveness amongst the group is awesome. My son loves it and has shown improvement and most importantly,  his running form has been corrected. We also find Onēata professional, focused and she is driven to see her clients improve and succeed in their chosen sports. As our son plays league and union, speed and discipline are crucial in his sport....the 2 things that I feel he has benefited from these sessions.....


What Schwalger Performance provides isn’t just speed training, but support and knowledge from Onēata’s own experience which makes it more relatable to the kids and parents. Jack had speed but lacked technique and until now there was nowhere that could help him with that. Schwalger Performance has improved his technique which in turn increased his speed. Onēata is an inspiration to the kids and has been to me too with her support I have decided to embark on my own business (yes my caramel slice) Can’t thank her enough....


William started doing Schwalger performance a few months ago and he has shown significant improvement in his speed and mechanics! He’s been focusing on being more aggressive off the mark and focusing and getting better on his speed mechanics. William has made great improvements thanks to Onēata!


Schwalger Performance has helped me tremendously not only in footy but also being a leader. The environment built is so accepting and motivating. I’ve been able to make a lot more new friends who all share the same experience as I. The  training has been extremely useful as I have been able to incorporate it into my playing style in footy and I’m certain the speed mechanics can transfer into any sports. The training environment is very competitive but at the same time very motivating. Overall it is great training to used to tidy up your running form leading to increased speed but not only that but also such a great experience week in week out you do not want to miss out on.


Since my son has started I have seen his condolence grow, definitely feels like an environment where the kids are supported and encouraged! Thank you.


My twins started training with Oneāta to help with their running technique. Ever since they commenced a couple of months ago, they have shown a significant improvement! Not only in their running, but in their confidence and mental resilience. Oneāta is great with the kids, she’s firm but fair and takes the time to focus on each one of the athletes.

Leyla and Charlize

Schwalger Performance is all about building resilient athletes, whether it be on or off the field. I love the extra insight and constructive feedback Onēata gives to the athletes. She goes the extra mile and really invests in each individual, breaking down each movement that’s critical when it comes to technique and performance. Both my children have improved not only in their sports ability, but I can see a huge shift in their mindset. A lot more focused and driven. We absolutely love what Onēata is doing with our children, it’s all the skills they will be able to adapt to later in life. Thanks Schwalger Performance



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